The throwback sound of Mistress is that of old school heavy metal with strong, memorable, dirty riffs and soaring, dynamic vocals. The origin of the band began in 2002 when Mita Khrichenko, guitarist, and Jesse Rucco, drummer, started the group over a bond in women and metal. After going through countless lineup changes over the next few years, Mistress finally found their perfect "frontman" in September of 2009 when Deanna Gardas joined the band. After several local shows throughout the following six months, Mistress began recording their first album. The lineup also included Ralph Beam on bass and Andrey Bogdanov on drums, who was featured on "Brains and Bruises", the end resulting full length. It was released in October of 2011.

Shortly following this, Jesse assumed his prior position at the (drum) throne and Mistress eagerly welcomed a new member: Tom Gilbert.

The recording of the second album "Heavy Mental" began during the summer of 2012. It features Deanna on vocals, Mita on guitars and bass, and Grom, a session drummer from LA on drums. The album was released in April, 2013, with streaming tracks available online as well as a free digital download.