Mita picked up his first axe at the tender age of 15. The no name brand acoustic, aka the "Finger Bleeder", that he got for free from his uncle did not please him for very long and he soon moved on to get his first real guitar. The first riff that Mita played was "Come As You Are" by Nirvana. Since then his repertoire has widened a little to include other riffs. The first major accomplishment on the instrument was learning the two solos from "Mr Crowley". It took six months, but was worth every minute. With a firm belief that good technique is a necessary tool to be able to transpose the musical ideas from his head onto the fretboard, Mita practices every day.

Other interests include playing piano, playing Capoeira, skiing, and eating shrimp.


Randy Rhoads, Chopin, James Hetfield, Kiko Loureiro, Jimmy Page, Anton Dubkov, and your mother.



Brad Pitt Guitar, Gibson Les Paul Standard, ESP LTD MH-1000, ESP LTD EC-1000, Fender Strat


ENGL e570 preamp, ENGL e850 poweramp, Various cabs, mostly with v30s.


Fractal Audio Axe-Fx 2, Eventide Eclipse, Analogman Chorus, Many random effects pedals that are never used