Tom started playing guitar at 17, on an old Crate beater he commandeered from his brother. He quickly learned several Metallica songs, and formed a band specifically to perform them. After playing in bands with a varying amount of success for several years, Tom grew sick of the local scene and quit playing guitar. He joined the Marine Corps at 21 and seemingly gave up on music. While in the Marines, Tom mastered the fine art of hoggin', and received a Humanitarian Service Medal for irreparably damaging the gene pool of south east Asia. After being discharged, Tom wandered aimlessly for several years, until he happened upon Mistress's debut album, Brains and Bruises. Finally inspired, Tom joined Mistress as the rhythm guitarist in September 2012 and has been with the band since. He is currently filling in on bass while the bassist search continues.

Tom practices daily on a wide array of instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, and banjo. His main musical influences include early Metallica, Iron Maiden, Opeth, and Pantera. He listens almost exclusively to bluegrass.

Tom's interests outside of music include hoggin', football, midget farming, gaming and food.